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Car Park Chaos

Game description:
You are an employee at Popcorn cinema, and you have been told to park the customers’ cars for the  You can play as one of four employees; try to pick one that looks like he knows how to handle a car. The amount of money you take home today depends on how well you do in the parking lot. Each time you successfully park a car in the indicated space, you earn £20, so you want to park as many as you can before time is up. However, each time you crash a car, you lose £5, so you don’t want to go so fast that you lose control of the vehicle. If you run over a customer, you are immediately fired. See how much money you have in your wallet if you can make it through the day. Play the game free, rate it and share it to your friends using Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon or other Social Network. Enjoy playing Car Park Chaos game!

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Car Park Chaos

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