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Suite Room EscapeSuite Room Escape
Played: 693 times
Suite Room Escape is yet another interesting point and click type new room escape game
The Grand Police EscapeThe Grand Police Escape
Played: 696 times
Drive your red muscle car in the city and try to escape police.
SUV ChallengeSUV Challenge
Played: 690 times
Drive a crossover over hills and other obstacles. Balance the car to avoid flipping over
Stacker WarStacker War
Played: 697 times
This is the best way to check your fighting skills. Just try to do it and we will be proud of you!
Scrappers Glass GunScrappers Glass Gun
Played: 698 times
There were four of them. They had a lot of guns and a small truck. Machines are against them.
The Gun Game ReduxThe Gun Game Redux
Played: 695 times
The Gun Game returns to it's roots with this new installment inspired by the original 2009 classic.
The Power of LoveThe Power of Love
Played: 685 times
Here you will control the knight. If you have a strong stomach, then this game is for you!
Monster Cube CrushMonster Cube Crush
Played: 691 times
Remove a certain number of CUBES from the board and you will pass to the next level.
Mario Spin WorldMario Spin World
Played: 685 times
Spin the world to help Mario back home safely!
Princess Rapunzel Doll HousePrincess Rapunzel Doll House
Played: 697 times
Princess Rapunzel has a pretty doll house. She would decor it on every Friday.
The Night RiderThe Night Rider
Played: 689 times
Ride your bike trough the city, ground and ceilings, but be careful with the obstacles, you are
The Ultimate BeingThe Ultimate Being
Played: 688 times
The world has changed. The Boss Monster endangers the living of human. Who will be the ultimate
Laser Room Escape 2Laser Room Escape 2
Played: 696 times
The story of this game is to escape from the laser room where you have been locked.
Mario Walks 2Mario Walks 2
Played: 688 times
New Mario styled game. Control your hero with mouse. Find his path to doors making land
Gravity DriverGravity Driver
Played: 692 times
Drive a vehicle in a futuristic and dangerous challenge. In this game, you drive a vehicle in a futu
Spring Wedding CakeSpring Wedding Cake
Played: 698 times
On account of the wedding of your close-friend, you have many works to be completed.
Shingle Style House EscapeShingle Style House Escape
Played: 688 times
The story of this game is to escape from the house built on shingle style. Assume that one day
Mobile EscapeMobile Escape
Played: 688 times
The story of this game is to escape from the mobile. Assume that one day you are stuck inside
Tom and Jerry Formula Adventure InvincibleTom and Jerry Formula Adventure Invincible
Played: 692 times
Tom and Jerry Formula Adventure Invincible Version. Tom and Jerry is going on a formula
Specialist ShooterSpecialist Shooter
Played: 693 times
Take up arms as a specialist shooter as you fight back against the terrorists! A remote town
Tom Jerrry Dangerous JumpTom Jerrry Dangerous Jump
Played: 671 times
Help Jerry collect all cheeses and items in the road, you have to run fast because Tom will collect
Runty Biker GameRunty Biker Game
Played: 671 times
Runty Biker Is a Bike racing, passing the way of ups and downs, with the Nitros to compete
Murder House EscapeMurder House Escape
Played: 690 times
The story of this game is to escape from the murder house. Assume that you are a paranormal
Messy Sofia Spa MakeoverMessy Sofia Spa Makeover
Played: 696 times
Princes Sofia must be made clean and given a makeover to make her look beautiful again.
Special SPASpecial SPA
Played: 678 times
Sara has come to the SPA to rejuvenate her self after a tiresone long days work. Follow as per
Robecca Steam Messy BedroomRobecca Steam Messy Bedroom
Played: 696 times
Robecca always goes late for the class. Since she is the eldest girl in the family, she has to
Music Showroom Escape 2Music Showroom Escape 2
Played: 681 times
The story of this game is to escape from the musical instruments showroom. Assume that
Napoleon Battle PuzzleNapoleon Battle Puzzle
Played: 675 times
In this jigsaw game we offer you a picture of Napoleon Battle. Pick one mode to play, jigsaw
Spongebob Bubble 2Spongebob Bubble 2
Played: 674 times
Spongebob Bubble 2 is a funny adventure. In this jump and run game you are a Spongebob
Sonic Rescue Mario 2Sonic Rescue Mario 2
Played: 679 times
Sonic must rescue Mario from cage. Push cage over the cliff to break it and release your
Moto Tomb Racer 2Moto Tomb Racer 2
Played: 673 times
Explore Mayan pyramids and their dangerous dungeons to find lost treasures of Maya.
Truck AttackTruck Attack
Played: 675 times
Join the exiting world of the monster trucks races. Avoid obstacles and beat your opponents
Zombie Smash RacingZombie Smash Racing
Played: 683 times
Drive a suped-up muscle car through a landscape plagued with the undead in this horror-fueled
Extreme TruckerExtreme Trucker
Played: 684 times
The game has 4 difficulty modes; easy, medium, hard and expert. There are different numbers
Monkey Go Happy ValentinesMonkey Go Happy Valentines
Played: 679 times
Help the sad monkeys find love in each point and click puzzle level.
Monkey GO Happy Western 2Monkey GO Happy Western 2
Played: 667 times
There's treasure in them thar hills! Help everyone's favourite simpering simians track it down
Regularshow Hide And SeekRegularshow Hide And Seek
Played: 667 times
This is Regular Show game, Mordecai run and jump over the pit, be careful because Rigby
Sloppy Ninja DestinySloppy Ninja Destiny
Played: 675 times
In this game Ninjia is challenging intense difances in front of the feroucious enemies.
Kid'S Umbrella StoreKid'S Umbrella Store
Played: 679 times
You've opened an umbrella store for kids! You're very excited because there's no such store
Newspaper Boy SagaNewspaper Boy Saga
Played: 666 times
Drive your bike and throw newspapers to recipients. Avoid all impediments and be the best
Magic CannnonMagic Cannnon
Played: 667 times
Select your potions & fire at the kittens. Don't hit the witch or run out of ammo.
Super Soccer Star LevelsSuper Soccer Star Levels
Played: 686 times
Super Soccer Star is back for more awesome football action. Featuring 18 new and challenging
Played: 679 times
In this game you will have to tap the same numbers. Just be very attentive and use all tips here.
Played: 673 times
The city has been overrun by zombies. Now it's time for you to take the city back.
Icyblocks ChallengeIcyblocks Challenge
Played: 657 times
Icyblocks Challenge is a cool turn-based puzzle game where you play against an AI opponent.
Snowmans MonstersSnowmans Monsters
Played: 666 times
It is winter but for this time the snowmans you made will become crazy, destroy them!
Overweight Boy EscapeOverweight Boy Escape
Played: 671 times
The story of this game is to escape overweight boy from the strange place. Assume that
Spongebob Mystery Sea 2Spongebob Mystery Sea 2
Played: 665 times
Spongebob Mystery Sea 2 is a great adventure-platform game. Spongebob and Patrick Star
Library Escape 2Library Escape 2
Played: 686 times
The story of this game is to escape from the library. Assume that you are stuck inside the dark
Ultimate Ben10Ultimate Ben10
Played: 667 times
Ultimate Ben 10 is a great adventure-platform game. Ben 10 is going on space adventure.
One Piece Pirate AdventureOne Piece Pirate Adventure
Played: 694 times
In this game, Luffy continues with his quest to be the pirate king. Together with his Straw Hat
Feed The BearFeed The Bear
Played: 669 times
Lay objects & shoot food to get it to bounce, slide or be thrown to the bear to feed him.
axi Parking 3D India Unity3Daxi Parking 3D India Unity3D
Played: 687 times
Drive your very own Mumbai Taxi in this 3D car game!
Make CoffeeMake Coffee
Played: 697 times
In this sweet coffee break physics puzzle game you gotta Make Coffee! Use your mouse to draw
Mourn Online GameMourn Online Game
Played: 678 times
Welcome to the very strange world, where your main goal is to find the way to escape.
Biker Burnout GameBiker Burnout Game
Played: 670 times
Biker Burnout is an exciting racing with challenging levels where we can ride in a new world.
Modern House EscapeModern House Escape
Played: 663 times
The story of this game is escape from the modern house. Assume that one day you are stuck
Ultraman Memorize CardsUltraman Memorize Cards
Played: 675 times
Try your best to memorize as many ultraman and monster cards! Will you complete all the tasks?
Shades 2 PlayerShades 2 Player
Played: 663 times
Fun puzzle game with gradient color blocks, make 4 blocks to the same color in a row to remove
Spectra Vondergeist Skin Care SpaSpectra Vondergeist Skin Care Spa
Played: 687 times
Spectra Vondergeist has been invited for a wedding that will take place tomorrow in the hometown.
Devils House EscapeDevils House Escape
Played: 693 times
You have entered into the old House in the forest. Suddenly the door locked inside and you came
Moonlight ProposalMoonlight Proposal
Played: 665 times
The story of this game is help a guy to propose his girl friend under moonlight. Assume that
Operation Winter ForceOperation Winter Force
Played: 674 times
Be the best tank driver and accept this challenge. Winter Rage Blast is an intense shooting
Nitro truck jumperNitro truck jumper
Played: 653 times
Get ready for a brand new monster truck challenge. Nitro Truck Jumper is an awesome
Cargo Bullet ExpressCargo Bullet Express
Played: 685 times
Get ready for a new intense train driving challenge online. Get behind the wheels of bullet cargo
Monster High Messy RoomMonster High Messy Room
Played: 683 times
Tomorrow is the get to gather of the family of monster high family. They have made all
Mickey And Zombies 2Mickey And Zombies 2
Played: 658 times
Help Mickey to rescue his friends and finish the game. Watch on zombies. Look for hummer to
Wrath Of HephaestusWrath Of Hephaestus
Played: 674 times
Play online Wrath Of Hephaestus game. Slain hordes of enemies and return to your favorite anvil!
The Bomb EscapeThe Bomb Escape
Played: 646 times
The story of this game is to escape from the house with the help of bomb. Assume that one day
Handball ShooterHandball Shooter
Played: 671 times
Take up the 30 seconds challenge in this awesome Handball Shooter sports game.
Tweeny Up!Tweeny Up!
Played: 658 times
There are two cute monsters that are stuck in the old building and need your help to get out
Sofia Honey HuntingSofia Honey Hunting
Played: 651 times
ofia is in a jubilant mood. For, the relatives of her are on the way. Her mom told her that
Princess Cinderella Messy RoomPrincess Cinderella Messy Room
Played: 691 times
Help princess Cinderella in cleaning her messy room as she is expecting the prince soon.
Teen Love ProposalTeen Love Proposal
Played: 654 times
The story of this game is to help a guy to propose his girl friend. Assume that one day a guy
Super Clean House EscapeSuper Clean House Escape
Played: 653 times
The story of this game is to escape from the super clean house. Assume that one day you
Mickey CarMickey Car
Played: 665 times
Help Mickey to drive his car on the track and keep avoiding crashing other cars.
Surprise My FriendSurprise My Friend
Played: 656 times
The story of this game is to give a surprise to your friend who is interested in photography.
Frozen Elsa Banana FacialFrozen Elsa Banana Facial
Played: 658 times
Apply different facial masks on her face to brighten her face and make it look perfect.
Music Showroom EscapeMusic Showroom Escape
Played: 652 times
The story of this game is to escape from the music instruments showroom. Assume that
Marvin AdventureMarvin Adventure
Played: 636 times
Marvin Adventure is a great adventure-platform game. Marvin is going on space adventure.
Played: 674 times
MADFIST, a super fun addictive game. This is the best time-killer ever. This is the HD version
Time Travel RushTime Travel Rush
Played: 663 times
Do you think you would be a great driver in any circumstance? This game will put you to the test!
Willow Bend Street EscapeWillow Bend Street Escape
Played: 658 times
While you are walking in the street, the road was blocked. There is no way to take a diversion.
Taz AdventureTaz Adventure
Played: 641 times
Help Taz to find his way to home. Take hammer to break walls and keys to open doors.
Winter BMX JamWinter BMX Jam
Played: 654 times
Winter bmx games are games that requires lots of skills because in the winter time
Monkey Go Happy - ValentinesMonkey Go Happy - Valentines
Played: 650 times
Click around in the scenes & find all 70 bunnies as you try & make the monkey go happy.
Disaster Will Strike 4Disaster Will Strike 4
Played: 665 times
Disaster will strike 4 is the sequelt to the games disaster will strike. your mission will be to get
Plumber Game 2Plumber Game 2
Played: 685 times
Do everything to quench his thirst. Easy? Then do it! Connect pieces of these pipes and make
Princess Jasmine CakePrincess Jasmine Cake
Played: 667 times
Princess jasmine is the youngest child in the family. She is the most pampered girl in the palace.
Lovers Day EscapeLovers Day Escape
Played: 664 times
The story of this game is to help a guy who is struggling a lot to give a love proposal.
Mad DayMad Day
Played: 674 times
Launch rockets at the aliens your drive past. Collect coins, avoid walls and buy upgrades
Disaster Will Strike UDDisaster Will Strike UD
Played: 698 times
Create natural disasters and crush all eggs on the screen.
MoleThe First HuntingMoleThe First Hunting
Played: 658 times
Don't cross your path as you try to eat all the food & make it to the exit hole.
Wheely 4 Time TravelWheely 4 Time Travel
Played: 657 times
Do some Time Travel with your little red beetle in the point and click puzzle game 'Wheely 4'.
One Screen HeroOne Screen Hero
Played: 638 times
You are an adventurous hero, and it's your duty to explore this dungeon to find treasures
Secret Operation 2Secret Operation 2
Played: 649 times
Secret Operation 2 is a great shooting game.You are special forces soldier and your mission
Frozen Anna Bedroom CleaningFrozen Anna Bedroom Cleaning
Played: 664 times
Have fun playing this room cleaning game!
Feel Of LoveFeel Of Love
Played: 698 times
The story of this game is to escape from the valentine room. Assume that you are stuck inside
Mario First FlyMario First Fly
Played: 667 times
Mario First Fly is very fun and addictive game based on the hit trending app flappy bird.
Love MemoriesLove Memories
Played: 677 times
The story of this game is to see all the memories of your partner. Assume that on a valentine's