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Hidden Objects Games

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A Birthday SurpriseA Birthday Surprise
One family decides to make a great surprise for their mother and wife. She turns 50
A Day at the MuseumA Day at the Museum
You will spend one day in a museum looking at the artifacts, exploring the facts related to those
A Day in VeniceA Day in Venice
Svolo del Leon is the famous Venice carnival that people celebrate tribute to the Lion of San Marco.
A Day to RememberA Day to Remember
After numerous holidays with friends and family, young Karen decides that this summer
A Dream Called HalloweenA Dream Called Halloween
Devil's Night is a name related with October 30, the night before Halloween. This night seems
A Job InterviewA Job Interview
The game follows the preparations that should be made when you are still at home,
A Noble ActA Noble Act
Frank Gehry is one of the most famous architects in the world today. This game taking us
A Whisper of RosesA Whisper of Roses
Amanda has a very interesting job. Since always she loved the nature and grew up in a nice
Abandoned FarmhouseAbandoned Farmhouse
Look at this old abandoned farm house, property of late Tom Durant. this adventure on the farm,
Adventure on the RoadAdventure on the Road
The family went on an expected road trip, but something unexpected happen their camping
Adventures of a TouristAdventures of a Tourist
The game takes place in one small village in the Middle East. This place is quite exotic and it offe
After HolidaysAfter Holidays
The holidays are over and what is left behind is a terribly big mess in the house that has
After the EndAfter the End
The game it's about a science fiction story that is located in 2150, many years after our existence.
Alpine ParadiseAlpine Paradise
Find your way into the Apline paradise where everything is so beautiful and calm.
Alpine ResortAlpine Resort
In this game we have wonderful alpine resort. There are amazing ski terrains but also the resort
Amber's Childhood MemoriesAmber's Childhood Memories
Find all the items Amber asks for to clear out the attic. Click the wand for hints!
An Abandoned Bunker SGAn Abandoned Bunker SG
Find the hidden objects.
An unexpected TwistAn unexpected Twist
Teenagers, they always have some interesting idea. The journey for these teenagers
Anchorman JoanAnchorman Joan
Joan is a very famous reporter. She has been reporting from important locations, catching
Animals In The City 2Animals In The City 2
Find out your animal mood each day with all new animals!
Antique ApartmentAntique Apartment
In this game we will apartments, a lot of them. They are very expensive because almost every
Aquarium New SeasonAquarium New Season
The great City Aqua Center is a wonderful place to be- quite big place incredibly rich
Aunt Lisas HouseAunt Lisas House
Play online Aunt Lisas House game. For our character of this game some time has passed
Away from Home Away from Home
The young sailor Arthur leaves his home for the first time for a longer period. He was at the sea
Matching the same image first off all we show a original arrangement of a images in few
Barbie Find The DifferenceBarbie Find The Difference
Play this find the difference game in which you need to find out the differences between tow
Barcelona ApartmentBarcelona Apartment
The apartment is quite old but the location is phenomenal and with little work, the apartment
Beach Kids DifferencesBeach Kids Differences
Kids are seems to be playing joyfully on the shore with marshy sand by enjoying the cool breeze.
Beach View Room EscapeBeach View Room Escape
The 180th Escape Game from Imagine you are trapped inside a Beach House.
Beautiful Old CitiesBeautiful Old Cities
Find all the hidden objects that are hiding in the boat scenes.
Bewitched Doll Near The HouseBewitched Doll Near The House
Your task is to find the parts of another doll and connect them.
Big Locker Room EscapeBig Locker Room Escape
You find yourself trapped in a locker room, use clues, items and your skills to find you way of it!
Blackbeards EscapeBlackbeards Escape
Use your wit and explore the captain's room, to find means for your escape.
Bloody Nightmare Online GameBloody Nightmare Online Game
Nightmares have haunted you for as far back as you can remember. Tonight you decided to
Blue Fantasy-Hidden StarsBlue Fantasy-Hidden Stars
Blue Fantasy-Hidden Stars is another type of point and click new hidden star game developed
Book Shop GameBook Shop Game
Your task in this free online game is to find different objects that are hidden in the pictures.
Brainys Haunted HouseBrainys Haunted House
Welcome to Brainy's Haunted House! Can you solve all the puzzles Brainy left inside his house
Burglar House EscapeBurglar House Escape
Click on the object to interact and solve the puzzles. Play enagames and have fun!!!
Camping WeekendCamping Weekend
Hi, my name is Jenifer. My family and I decided to spend our weekend in the mountains.
Chicago Robie House EscapeChicago Robie House Escape
Chicago Robie house escape is another point and click game developed by 143kids games.
Child of forestChild of forest
Use your mouse to click on the hidden objects in the Child of forest game.
Christmas Hidden AlphabetsChristmas Hidden Alphabets
Christmas Time needs to collect gifts for kids
Cinderella DifferenceCinderella Difference
Use the left click of your mouse to click on the difference any time you spot one.
Cleaning the Old HouseCleaning the Old House
Down town there is one really old and strange house. No one has entered there for many,
Cleaning with LyndaCleaning with Lynda
Linda's business is so well developed so besides houses she cleans carpers as well.
Clockworld MysteryClockworld Mystery
Irene in her house, very unexpectedly found a portal that leads to a parallel world.
Close EncountersClose Encounters
We don't know much about the space but meet Colonel Kylie Martin. He is a colonel in a real
College MysteriesCollege Mysteries
There is a cleaning day in the college. Students tidy up the library, lab and at front door.
Colorful Birds Memory GameColorful Birds Memory Game
This season play this wonderful puzzle game. There are eight different levels of play.
Creamy Cupcake Hidden ObjectsCreamy Cupcake Hidden Objects
To find all the cupcakes and assure her that they are all safe.
Crystal CityCrystal City
Hello, we meet again. The evil prince Gambrio is relentless in his conquer.
Cupid FairyCupid Fairy
Help Maria by investigating her husband. She believes that he is living a double life so
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