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Zombie Games Games

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13 Days After - Survival13 Days After - Survival
Hold your position as you try to shoot the incoming zombies enough time for them to die... again.
3D Zombie Hell3D Zombie Hell
In this game try to find the key to the escape. You will be moved to the awesome world
Abe Zombie RescueAbe Zombie Rescue
The droids out of nowhere attacking using biological weapons. Their bombs deploy everywhere
After Sunset 2After Sunset 2
The zombies are coming in After Sunset 2! And all you have to protect you is your meat cleaver
All Become ZombiesAll Become Zombies
Blast zombies quickly as you grab coins and reach the exit in this zombie platformer.
All We Need is Brain Level PackAll We Need is Brain Level Pack
Strategically place brains in each level to lure zombies into traps.
American Tank Zombie InvasionAmerican Tank Zombie Invasion
Zombies have plagued your city! Time to kill and destroy.
Angry Zombies 2Angry Zombies 2
Shoot as fast as you can to protect your roof from angry attacking zombies!
Anti Zombie DefenseAnti Zombie Defense
Defend yourself with a turret as you gun down zombies and upgrade.
AteneaS SalvationAteneaS Salvation
In Atenea's Salvation our purpose is to discover what mysteries are hidden in the house along
Atomic Zombie MotocrossAtomic Zombie Motocross
When the apocalyptic explosions settled, the only survivor became undead. A bored zombie
Attic ZombieAttic Zombie
Batches of zombies are coming at night. Now grab your gun and never let them break into houses!
Awaken 0 Hell UnleashedAwaken 0 Hell Unleashed
Tactical Zombie Outbreak Simulator. Can you lead your squad out of the infected zone?
Awesome Zombie ExterminatorsAwesome Zombie Exterminators
Zombies are all over the city! You must help Jake to gather his team and become a successful
Back to ZombielandBack to Zombieland
Back to Zombieland is an amazing action game. Annoying humans want to destroy you. No like!
Balloons Vs ZombiesBalloons Vs Zombies
Kill zombies with the help of knives and balloons in this physics (angry birds style) shooter.
Balloons vs Zombies 2Balloons vs Zombies 2
Balloons vs. Zombies 2 is a fun physics-based shooting game with 21 levels of zombie-killing fun!
Bath Salt ZombiesBath Salt Zombies
Bath Salts are turning humans into zombies!
Ben 10 Blood DaysBen 10 Blood Days
Ben 10 to go to a city of ghosts to destroy all flood zombies here.
Big Pixel ZombiesBig Pixel Zombies
A bloody action zombie shooter. The virus outbreak has arrived in London!
Biochemical CrossfireBiochemical Crossfire
You are in charge to block a tunnel and kill biochemical zombies.
Bloodbath AvenueBloodbath Avenue
Take the role of Rob D. Law or Captain Rodriges and get to the safe area through the bloody
Bloody HarryBloody Harry
Vegetable zombies have taken over your town, and you - a chef - are the only person that can stop
Bob the Robber 2Bob the Robber 2
Is the city in danger again? It looks like another job for our robber hero Bob. Help Bob to save
Bomb of LoveBomb of Love
You're a zombie called Kem. Your wife Val has been kidnapped by evil forces and he must rescue her!
Boom Boom ZombieBoom Boom Zombie
In a city filled with flesh eating zombies, it is down to YOU to blow them skywards and save the cit
Yet another game of ricocheting your bullets to take out enemies, or in this case, zombies.
Braainz ZapBraainz Zap
Try to survive the zombie hordes until dawn! In this puzzle game, you'll need to drag the zombies
Bro vs ZombieBro vs Zombie
Shoot zombies as you ransack vehicles to repair your own car. Buy & upgrade lots of items
Burying ZombiesBurying Zombies
Remove various blocks and detach the chains to lead the undead zombies back to their holes
CS King of ZombiesCS King of Zombies
Due to an accident of a biochemical laboratory,a large number of staff became zombies.
CS Zombies BattleCS Zombies Battle
Because of an accident, the personnel of the biochemical laboratory all become zombies.
Cars vs ZombiesCars vs Zombies
Drop objects and give the cars power to help them squish zombies, but not drive off the screen.
Carveola IncidentCarveola Incident
The war is over, however no amount of training prepared the Soldiers for the army of the undead
Cat and Zombie WarCat and Zombie War
Help cats to kill zombies those come in waves. Are you ready for it?
Chainsaw SlasherChainsaw Slasher
Kill the zombies and survive.
Crazy Zombie v2.0Crazy Zombie v2.0
Crazy Zombie is coming back! The world becomes a living hell as many zombies walking
Creepy CookingCreepy Cooking
If it creeps or crawls, it's on the menu and your customers' wishlists!
Curse Village 4Curse Village 4
The zombies have returned and once again you're put behind the barricades the fight off
Curse Village SurvivalCurse Village Survival
The zombies have returned and once again you're survive and fight off the undead!
Dark Dayz PrologueDark Dayz Prologue
5 years after the first infection the world is now in a state of survival. In this teaser action
Dead DrivewayDead Driveway
Play online Dead Driveway game. Drive your car, run over zombies. Then upgrade your car and
Dead End DefenseDead End Defense
Fight hordes of zombies and protect the evacuation of the remaining colonists on the planet.
Dead Frontier Night OneDead Frontier Night One
Dead Frontier: Night One is the first part of a series of gore-ridden zombie shoot-em-ups.
Dead ZedDead Zed
Shoot down zombies and manage other survivors in order to survive during a zombie apocalypse. (+13)
Dead Zed 2Dead Zed 2
Shoot down zombies, search for supplies and allocate roles to other survivors as you try to
Destroy the hordes of zombies through many levels in 5 different areas.
A top-down zombie shooter with nice graphics. Upgrade yourself to unlock new missions.
Decision 2 - New CityDecision 2 - New City
hoot zombies in this top-down shooter as you struggle to stay alive during reload times.
Decision 2 New CityDecision 2 New City
In this game you main goal is to kill all zombies, who are attacking you.
Decision 3Decision 3
An over head zombie shooter with role playing like game play. Complete tasks and survive
Defend The CastleDefend The Castle
You are an archer who has to defend her castle against hordes of zombies.
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