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Skill Games

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2013 Shelter2013 Shelter
After another apocalypse you find yourself in the world of weird creatures and evil military
24 Way Escape24 Way Escape
24 ways is a game testing your wits to the end. This is a point and click room escape game
3 Key Escape3 Key Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the 3 key house. Assume that one day you are stuck
3D Logic3D Logic
Two block of every color are shown on the cube. Try to connect the two blocks with the same color
4 Door Escape4 Door Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the house having four different rooms.
4 Way Pong4 Way Pong
Played Pong? This game is a beautiful remix of old pong games.
5 Room Escape5 Room Escape
The story of this game is to solve simple puzzles and escape from the five door house.
7 Days Without Rain7 Days Without Rain
A haunting game tracing the life and death of a hero. The hero gets an inheritance and begins
A Rock StoryA Rock Story
Follow a young boy as he grows up and becomes a rockstar.
Abandoned Cave EscapeAbandoned Cave Escape
A Man is trapped in the Abandoned Cave which is in near by village.No one there to help him.
Abandoned Cottage EscapeAbandoned Cottage Escape
The Story of this game is to escape from the cottage where you have been locked by some
Abandoned Maunsell Sea Fort EscapeAbandoned Maunsell Sea Fort Escape
A tourist as part of river trip thames visited and got trapped in the maunsell sea fort.
Abandoned Mine EscapeAbandoned Mine Escape
You along with your friends sneaked through an abandoned mine. You found that your
Abandoned Palace EscapeAbandoned Palace Escape
Click on the objects to interact with them and solve the simple puzzles.
Abandoned Runwell Mental Hospital EscapeAbandoned Runwell Mental Hospital Escape
It was an abandoned mental hospital.You are trapped inside of it.There are some objects,
Abnormal Cabin EscapeAbnormal Cabin Escape
Abnormal cabin escape is yet another enchanting point and click type new room escape game
Above Average GuyAbove Average Guy
Picture this You're sat watching TV when suddenly someone blasts through your roof,
Acid Panic TurboAcid Panic Turbo
Acid Panic is back with snazzy new features and graphics! Don't let the acid touch the ground!
Agility Skill TestAgility Skill Test
Check your soldier's ability to move as fast as he can! Make him jump from platform to platform
Airport Lounge Room EscapeAirport Lounge Room Escape
You are waiting in the airport lounge for the flight. After the announcement all the travelers
Alan White DJ Studio EscapeAlan White DJ Studio Escape
Alan White was composing a music in his DJ studio. After finishing the work he opened the door
Wood, stone, glass, iron, gold, air – use their properties to know the secret!
Alice in Clumsy LandAlice in Clumsy Land
Alice in Clumsy Land Alice returns to Wonderland to find the Queen is at it again,
Alice is Dead 2Alice is Dead 2
Alice is Dead 2 is another cool cartoon style point-and-click adventure game by Mike Morin.
Alice is Dead 3Alice is Dead 3
The third and final episode of the Alice Is Dead series. Search for more answers as you point-and-cl
Alien Ship EscapeAlien Ship Escape
An Alien ship got breakdown and landed on the Earth.It has to be fixed. You are left with the hints
Aliens Hurrys HomeAliens Hurrys Home
Control your alien using the directional keys and guide it through each level to make it back
American Bungalow EscapeAmerican Bungalow Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the bungalow located in america. Assume that one day
American Bungalow Escape 2American Bungalow Escape 2
Try to escape from there using hidden clues and objects. Click on the objects to interact with them
An Ordinary DayAn Ordinary Day
ou are late for work, put in prison, escape to the desert, fight bats in a cave and end up in a preh
Ancient Castle EscapeAncient Castle Escape
Ancient castle escape is yet another adventurous point and click type new room escape game
Ancient Indian MahjongAncient Indian Mahjong
Ancient Indian Mahjong is a new mahjong variation by
Ancient Temple EscapeAncient Temple Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the indian ancient temple. Assume that one day
Ancient Temple Escape 2Ancient Temple Escape 2
Ancient Temple escape – II is yet another exciting point and click type new escape game
Angel EscapeAngel Escape
The Story of this game is to escape angel from the curse. Assume that an angel has become
Angel Escape 2Angel Escape 2
The story of this game is escape angel from the island. Assume that some one kidnapped
Angry Birds Bad Piggies HD 2015Angry Birds Bad Piggies HD 2015
Here you must help your best friends and these angry characters to get the finish like a professiona
Angry Birds Bang Bang BangAngry Birds Bang Bang Bang
A challenging game to get high score! You must try your best to crush more bad piggies!
Angry Birds Save The EggsAngry Birds Save The Eggs
Help the little red birds from Angry Birds to catch each egg. You can control them
Angry Gran TossAngry Gran Toss
Angry Gran has been arrested and sent to Angry Asylum. She can't stand here anymore,
AngryBirds Run in SpaceAngryBirds Run in Space
The spacecraft crashed, quickly to help angry bird rescue crew!
Annebelle Room EscapeAnnebelle Room Escape
Unfortunately, you trapped in the way which is a monastery of Annebelle.
Ape Cave EscapeApe Cave Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the cave of ape where you have lost the exit path.
Your job is to control aqua-rocket and collect stars in ruins of atlantida. Start the engines of you
Use your mouse to guide the submarine towards the hole and once you are close,
You and some friends were out late and decided it would be fun to go inside the old Arendel
Army Exposition EscapeArmy Exposition Escape
Army Exposition Escape has been created by Selfdefiant for
Army StackerArmy Stacker
This soldier has been ordered to stack some explosive things. It's very dangerous, thus we're
Artist House EscapeArtist House Escape
The story of this game is to unlock the house of an artist where you have been locked
As the Village TurnsAs the Village Turns
The poor lad has been sick for as long as he can remember. He's got a strange disease
AstroSave is a finger popping, reflex and chain reaction outer space game for people of all ages,
Astronaut TotoAstronaut Toto
Help Toto fulfill his outer-space mission, and keep him safe from the asteroids or the spy-ships
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