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Action and Adventure Games

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Work your way through the hardest most booby-trapped chimneys in town - from Jigsaw
 Barney Barney
Help Barney to bring back the stolen treasure to the museum.
 Miners Prince Miners Prince
There is a legend that a dragon lived in caves in the Africa, countless treasures is buried inside,
 The Birdinator The Birdinator
Bring your bird south before the winter season kicks in
2-inch Dragon Escape2-inch Dragon Escape
The little dragon (precisely 2-inches) was captured and locked in the kingdom.
3 Pandas3 Pandas
These 3 pandas have been captured by pirates! Help them escape the pirate ship,
3 Pandas 23 Pandas 2
These 3 pandas are back and trying to make their escape. This time they are fighting the darkness
3 Pandas in Brazil3 Pandas in Brazil
The 3 pandas are back and making their escape once again! They were captured by a poacher
Get the key to open the chest, get the chest to go to the next level. Don't touch the bombs!
3D Tow Truck Mania3D Tow Truck Mania
3D Tow Truck Mania is a stunning Unity 3D racing game with trucks.
A Koopas Revenge 2A Koopas Revenge 2
This is a fully featured platformer. After a harrowing quest to rescue his kidnapped Goomba pals,
A Long Journey To HomeA Long Journey To Home
Slimey wants to go home, but this is not that easy as you think!
A Rabbit FableA Rabbit Fable
A rabbit wants to live in the land he had always dreamed of, but being rejected, finds himself
A Rat At The CliffsA Rat At The Cliffs
A fun skill game! Guide the rat through deadly cliffs by using your mouse!
Abyss WalkerAbyss Walker
RPG-Adventure game about a Shinobi Warrior.
Abyss Walker - The Lost IslandAbyss Walker - The Lost Island
Throw Chinese stars at attacking plants in this platformer. Complete quests & stay alive!
Abyss Walker The Lost IslandAbyss Walker The Lost Island
This is a story about travelling ninja, who had been betrayed by his clan in the past.
Action G.O.D.Action G.O.D.
Action G.O.D. - Game of the day! Play now!
Adam Eve Love PicnicAdam Eve Love Picnic
Eve would be very disappointed if Adam won't find vegetables to eat. Her cauldron is empty
Adam and Eve 2Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2 is a funny point and click adventure game. Help Adam to explore the environment
Adorith The Stolen CrystalAdorith The Stolen Crystal
The mayor of Adorith, your father, has a dark secret but peril is at hand and there is little time
Advanced mode: Eat all the food being thrown onto the playing field, and do it fast enough
Adventure BoyAdventure Boy
Collect all coins and kill all the monsters.
Adventure Forest TimeAdventure Forest Time
Adventure Forest Time is a great platform game. After a cold winter, coming a sunny spring.
Adventure JackAdventure Jack
Jack is an adventurer. He was flying over the sea with his small aircraft. While he was above a jung
Adventure JackAdventure Jack
Jack is an adventurer. He was flying over the sea with his small aircraft. While he was above a jung
Adventure KingAdventure King
Adventurer Qike, wearing armor and holding a ram's horn Tan Mu gun, pass through various
Adventure StoryAdventure Story
Take the role of a sword-wielding pirate and embark on an epic journey through a world filled with e
Adventure Time JumpAdventure Time Jump
Adventure Time Jump is a funny adventure game. In this jump and run game you are control
Adventure Time SwitchAdventure Time Switch
Adventure Time Switch is a funny puzzle game. Jack and Finn have a new game for you.
Adventure of Happy SupermanAdventure of Happy Superman
Use W key to jump ans A/D to walk left/right and all monsters can be crushed to death.
Adventure of Shin ChanAdventure of Shin Chan
Try your best to collect all the Gems and find the Key to enter the door.
Adventures of the DudeAdventures of the Dude
Take control of the Dude in this action platformer; slide down cliffs while taking out enemies
This little kiwi has accidentally been locked up in a box that was shipped from New-Zealand to Afric
Age of Wonder The Lost ScrollsAge of Wonder The Lost Scrolls
Follow the epic journey of Eratosthenes. After discovering a secret room full of ancient
Agent HookerAgent Hooker
Agent Hooker needs your aim to complete all dangerous levels!
Airborne KangarooAirborne Kangaroo
Airborne Kangaroo is a funny game in which you have to help this kangaroo to jump to the top.
Mouse Only Card game, exploring as an artist who wants to eliminate all the terrible works
In this wonderful land the light is all creatures' food. But recently the light began to disappear,
Alex, the kidAlex, the kid
Alex the kid is in danger, complete all the levels and collect gams, includes stairs , tunnels and a
Build an army, conquer the ancient world, and prepare to face the deadly Persians in all out war!
Alfa ForceAlfa Force
Wrap to the cyber world and take on this evil computer virus before it's too late.
Alice & Nix's AdventureAlice & Nix's Adventure
Find a way out of each level. Hearts replenish life and mirrors let you pass through barriers.
Alien Bottle Buccaneer 2Alien Bottle Buccaneer 2
A fun sequel to the bottle smashing buccaneer game! Shoot all the bottles bam
Alien Exterminator.Alien Exterminator.
See in game instructions.
Alien ParachutesAlien Parachutes
Drop the aliens with there parachutes to the safeground. Beware of the stars as they will kill your
Alien SOSAlien SOS
An alien has crash landed on earth and must make his way through our harsh terrain
Alien SplatterAlien Splatter
Blast through this Nintendo Hard Run-n-Gun game.
Alien TransporterAlien Transporter
Aliens also use the taxi! Show them how good you can fly!
Aliens Hurry Home 2Aliens Hurry Home 2
Help the little alien reach his ship to fly back home!
Aliens Like MilkAliens Like Milk
Alex is a cute alien. He likes milk very much, but what a pity – there is no more milk in the frid
Aliens QuestAliens Quest
Help the alien escape each scene as you click on items around. Smooth cartoon graphics.
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